The Roberts Adoption Story



Our adoption story started a few months ago when God completely moved in our lives in ways we could not ignore. He has opened doors we did not even see, moved our hearts in ways we didn’t expect, and astounded us with his timing and provision.

Nace and I have discussed adoption since before we were married. Recently, this seed began to grow into a passionate desire in our hearts. We feel called to hospitality in many areas of our lives—we try to open our home no matter its state—but have been moved to think about hospitality on a bigger scale. God has used this calling as a way to open our eyes and hearts to the process of adoption and making our home someone else’s home permanently.

The Roberts Adoption Story

How can you help?

We would love for you to join us on this adventure. You can help in three simple ways: pray, give, love.

We ask for your prayers—for our birth mom, our family, this season of transition, and for our sweet baby. Knowing that you have us in your prayers during this time is the biggest honor we could imagine. Thank you for approaching the Lord with our requests on our behalf.

The cost of adoption can be a huge burden, so we would love any financial support you can offer. Although we have been saving for some time now, we still hope to raise a large portion of the cost through fundraising. We are selling t-shirts in our shop, and the majority of the proceeds go directly to the cost of the adoption. If you prefer to give a monetary donation, we will happily accept it here.

Lastly, please know that your support through this process means the world to us. We are excited to have friends and family—our wonderful community—joining us in our adoption story. Without your love and support, we would not be able to do this.

We are so thankful for the constant support we have already received on our journey through the paperwork and home study process. We wholly and anxiously look forward to the day we are able to welcome home baby Roberts as our own.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you adopting from? We have chosen to work with Catholic Charities of Tulsa. God has opened doors that we believe led us here directly, and we will be pursuing a domestic child of any race or gender.

Where are you in the process? We just finished our home study paperwork with Catholic Charities, and the next step is to meet with a social worker. Once these meetings take place and he/she approves our home, we will create a scrapbook to leave at the adoption agency for prospective mothers to choose from. Once we reach this point, we will be considered “paper pregnant,” and a child could be placed with us at any time.

How does Maddax feel about being a big brother? Maddax is excited. He frequently asks about his baby brother or sister and can’t wait to be a big helper to Mom and Dad. He has already chosen 6 baby names and continues to add to the list.

How much does an adoption cost? This cost varies greatly from case to case, but through our agency, it generally costs somewhere between $15,000-$24,000. You can find a breakdown of some of the fees below. Throughout the process, we are sure to incur even more fees than listed below, but this is a general idea of the base line cost for an adoption.

$300 – Adoption application
$1,000 – Home study and report
$190 – Background checks, OSBI search, etc.
$500 – Matching process
$1,000 – Birth parent counseling
$1,000 – Adoptive parent counseling
$350 – Medical and social history report
$3,500 – Placement of child
$500+ – Birth mother expenses
$260 – Legal engagement fee
$3,500+ – Legal fees
$900 – Post-placement visits & reports