Mar. 16, 2017

Our Adoption Life Book

Today we completed the last step in our home study by attending our approval meeting. There are a few small things I need to send in (the paperwork never, ever ends) but our books are with our agency and ready to be shown to prospective birth parents. Even though we have been preparing for this for almost a year now, its pretty surreal to know that the waiting portion is here, and there is no control we can have over the future. God has really worked on our hearts though this process and strengthened our faith, without which this would be a very frustrating time I’m sure.

We have gotten so many questions about what exactly a “life book” is and how our agency will use it in the adoption process. These family profile books are used to help birth parents get to know potential adoptive families before any personal relationship is built. The books can be done several ways, but we chose to create a 50 page hard cover book which we had printed through Blurb. When birth moms come into the agency, they look through all the available family books that fit within their adoptive family wishes and eventually decide to move forward with one family. That family then gets a copy of the birth parents social medical history, and either agrees to continue with meeting the birth family, or declines for whatever reason.

The task of creating a book to share the personality, beliefs, and heart of our family was a daunting one, and proved to be harder than I imagined. Even as a designer by trade, finding the right words and images to convey an accurate picture of the fun and joy of our family, extended family and friends was not easy. This book is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives, as it plays a huge role in bringing home our baby, and we know it will be a part of their story and the legacy we hope to leave.

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