Apr. 28, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo Party Fiesta Ideas for 2014  | Intentionandgrace.com

1. Paper Fans  |  2. Invites  |  3. Piñata  |  4. Guac  |  5. Food Picks  |  6. chalkboard  |  7. blouse  |  8. Margarita Salt


Next Monday is Cinco de Mayo and I just can’t wait for it to get here. What a great excuse to eat chips and salsa and sip on Margs with your friends. Here is my vision for a fun Fiesta Party:

The Invites:
There are tons of adorable invites for Cinco de Mayo or Fiesta parties on Etsy! Simply print them yourself as an affordable option or have them printed if you prefer the simple route. I love the idea of throwing a little confetti in the envelopes just to add a little surprise for your guests as they open the invites.

The Decor:
More than anything else Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to use an outrageous amount of color. I generally shy away from color and rely on my natural instincts of black and white, but on May 5th, the brighter and bolder, the better! Throw in a little glitz and glam to modernize this fun fiesta by including a shiny piñata or some colorful rim salt for all those wonderful Margaritas.
The Food:
We love the idea of having a dip bar at our party. Complete with queso, salsa, guacamole and 7 layer dip of course. There are tons of yummy recipes out there to choose from or just grab a few jars of yummy stuff at your market and keep it hassle free. You could even have a contest for your guests by inviting them to bring their best dip and vote for their favorite throughout the evening.

If you want to bump it up a notch turn that dip bar into a taco bar instead.  See our post for Fish Tacos from the past for an idea of what this can look like, but toppings are endless for street tacos. We also use this crockpot chicken taco recipe all the time and it is delicious! 

The Entertainment:
Although I love the amazing silver piñata shown above, it’s a bit out of my budget. However I found this amazing DIY that I can use to make my own! So whether silver glam is your style or you prefer a more traditional multi colored version you can easily create one on your own.

For a fun adult party fill your Piñata liquor miniatures instead of candy. Each guest can have a couple shots of tequila to add to their margarita mix or take home that evening for the future.

Or tell your guests to grab some tissue paper and scissors to make their own paper picado banners of their own. There are tons of templates and tutorials on the web to choose from. They may look intimidating, but if you can make a paper snowflake you can make a paper picado in just a few minutes or less!

Please share your favorite Cinco de Mayo party ideas by leaving a comment below.



Apr. 23, 2014

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2014

Great Mothers Day 2014 Gift Ideas for Grandmothers, Step Mothers, Mother-in-law and all moms alike  |  Intentionandgrace.com

1. Candle  |  2. Custom iPhone Case  |  3. Personalized Pie Dish   |  4. Custom Throw Pillows  |  5. Recipe Box  |  6. Living Succulent Wreath  |  7. Custom Initial Bracelet 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we always struggle for the perfect way to show our moms how much we love her. She tirelessly devotes her love and time to our family never ceasing even though we are grown. She treats our son with more generosity and care than I could hope for and there is only one day a year to celebrate all that she does for us. It should really be called Mother’s Week…

This year was my first full year to be a mother, and although I can’t get ready in the mornings without interruption, I can count all the meals I’ve had while sitting down on one hand, and I’m pretty much guaranteed to have at least one small stain somewhere on my shirt each day, it has been the most rewarding year of my life. My heart explodes with joy at the sight of my smiling babe’s face each morning and he fills me with the energy to carry on another day.

I hope that you all take the time to celebrate your mother, no matter what type of relationship you have with her. I know some are harder than others, but despite everything our moms deserve a day of thanks. Maybe a gift certificate to a spa day, a beautiful bouquet of flowers just to say I love you, or even inviting her over for a meal that you have prepared for her could show her more love than you could imagine. But if you’re more the gift buying type here are a few ideas to make shopping a bit more easy and unique to your mother.

There are so many customizable items out on the web right now and last year we gave my mom a phone case with our baby boy on it which she loved and got compliments on all the time. No better way to keep your phone protected than to have your smiling babe or grandchild on there! I also love the new throw pillows from Shutterfly, and secretly want a couple for our home. Their modern designs are hard to choose from, but would be adorable with our family photos on them.

I am always searching for a great wreath, as I find myself being very picky on door decor, but this living succulent wreath stole my heart. I would love to have it hanging on our door.

I hope you all take the time to celebrate your moms on May 11th and let her know how much you care.


Apr. 4, 2014

Wild One

Update: To purchase aspects of this theme, please visit my Etsy Shop!

Our son turned one last Saturday and I wanted to share some photos from his Powwow themed first birthday party. I can not believe how fast one year can go! I know it is said all the time, but until you have a child of your own it is impossible to fully understand. I used to think first birthday parties were generally overdone considering the kids won’t remember them. But as the time neared to begin planning, I had so much love for this little guy that my craftiness and party-planning spirit was just bursting at the seams. So did I over do it? Maybe. But for me, it was so worth it.

To start our decor off we flipped our dining table around and pushed it against a wall to display the food in a festive and open way. This gave our guests a bit more room to grab a bite and chit chat when they arrived.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

“Sun-rays” (orange juice) and water from the “Watering Hole” were served with some hors d’oeuvres style breakfast items.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

Maddax loves breakfast food so I knew I wanted to have a brunch style spread while also keeping it simple and easy, so we themed the spread around that using bite sized minis that the kids could also enjoy nibbling on. There were Mocca-Cinnamon Rolls, Yogurt Straight Shooters, Powwow Pancakes, and Powdered Arrows served along side some yummy cupcakes, juice and water. There was very little prep time for me so I could focus on making the presentation a bit more fun and I love how it all turned out!

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

We pulled out our beautiful striped teepee from this kiddos bedroom and utilized it as the designated gift area until it was time to open presents. First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

I got the most amazing leggings on Etsy and some Moccs on GroopDealz last fall that fit his birthday theme perfectly. For his shirt I used my Silhouette Cameo cutter (love!) to create a custom design and ironed it onto a white pocked t-shirt from Target. His little silhouette just fills me with joy.

We also framed a little infographic full of all things Maddax. His age, height, weight, and number of teeth. Favorite books, TV show, activity, song, food and toy. As well as his current nicknames, first words and some of the things he learned to do this year.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

On the way out there were little goodie bags with “Indian Corn” (flavored popcorn) for guests to grab as they left. These were simple white paper lunch bags that I ran through the printer and printed buffalos on and sealed with some cute little stickers I got on sale for $5 online.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

Our sweet little family was just overjoyed to celebrate the big O-N-E with so many of our loved ones. Thanks to all our friends and family for their love and support as we took on our first year of parenthood. We couldn’t feel more blessed or loved.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com   First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com


Apr. 2, 2014

Easter Egg Trends

Easter is just around the corner and has always been one of our families most celebrated holidays. Every year I can not wait to dye easter eggs and transform our home into a spring like atmosphere with tulips and bright colors all around. We are always trying to find new fun ways to decorate eggs, and these are just a few of my favorite ideas around the web this week:



1. These adorable easter eggs from Obviously Sweet are so carefree and cute! And they don’t even require dying! Just grab a sharpie pen and doodle away.

2. Neon is so in right now! I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately and I love the super bright pop of color these awesome easter eggs from Oh Joy can bring to a room, while still keeping it clean and simple. The white gives the neon breathing room and simplicity, just my style.

3. With several rolls of washi tape hanging around our home, I jumped on an opportunity to use them on easter eggs. These plastic easter eggs from Oh My Little Dears wrapped with washi and ribbon are so cute for Sunday brunch place cards. They would also be a very easy project with the kids, no dye involved. ;)

4. Gold! We all know I love it, and these easter eggs from Better Homes had my heart at first glance. Simply dye some eggs a solid color or even leave them white for a very simple approach and grab a metallic sharpie pen. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even tape off a design or two and use it as a stencil.

5. I just couldn’t leave out these easter eggs from Paper & Stitch, they are genius! In no time you can take your hard boiled eggs from plain to fab with just a hand full of tacks!



Mar. 11, 2014

Green & Gold St. Patrick’s Picks

I have never been one to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, in fact, I am usually that person who doesn’t wear green at all and gets pinched or teased all day long. So this year I’ve decided to share some of my very favorite green things out there, with a lil gold of course, in the hopes it will inspire me to be a bit more festive. From the cutest dress around to some great accessories there are plenty of options to join in the festivities. And check out Victoria Drive’s awesome shop with beautiful hand painted watercolors and calligraphy! Her Irish Blessing print is the cutest!