Mar. 3, 2014

Intentional Tuesday


Yesterday was a snow day for many of us in Tulsa, and something sparked in me when I woke up. I actually was able to sleep in a bit, so perhaps it was that extra few hours of sleep, but I sprang into Spring Cleaning mode. By 5:30 that evening I had all the laundry and dishes done and put away. Like all, not a dirty glass or stinky sock in the place! The kitchen and living room were cleaned up, dusted and vacuumed, furniture in the bedroom was rearranged, two closets and one guest room (aka: storage/craft room) were totally cleaned out, and I even had a little free time to have some milk and cookies in between of course. :) So once all that was done and I sat down to check my phone after running around like a crazy woman all day, I saw that I had over 85 emails in my inbox. Now, these had accumulated over the three day weekend, but almost none of them had anything to do with life, work or relationship. They were all from places like amazon, gap, groupon, etc. and they take over my inbox each morning. On a day to day basis they are the first thing I see when my alarm goes off in the morning, and that is just what they are hoping for.

So to continue this massive spring cleaning binge in my life today and this week I am decluttering my inbox. Not only will it help me to see those emails I am getting that really matter, but it will help me to resist temptation and spur of the moment purchases simply for the “Deal of the Day.” Note to self: Just because it’s 65% off does NOT mean that I need it! Yet, I always think that’s exactly what it means.

There are so many daily deal sites and fun places to shop that I find myself needing to do this inbox cleanse every few months in order to spend less and want less. We are all so blessed and fortunate, so this is one small step to rid yourself of overspending temptation, or needless buying.

Let me know if you’ll do it with me! Happy unsubscribing!




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