Jul. 31, 2014

Totally Toddler

New moms ask me all the time what my go-to items are, and what items I would stay from as they plan for the arrival of their new little ones. Although I really think that each mom will realize what works best for them and stick to those, these are some of our favorite toddler items that have made our lives as parents much easier!

Our favorite toddler items. The best sippy  straw cup, some awesome shoes and amber teething necklace plus more!

1. These munchkin cups are the BEST sippy straw cups there are! We encouraged Maddax to use a straw when he was pretty young because we felt like it was more practical when we were out and about at restaurants and just didn’t want him to get attached to a sippy cup if it wasn’t a necessary in between. After trying some of the adorable character options from Target we realized that each time they dropped on the floor the lids would pop off and make a huge mess. From there we tried several other options before finally coming across these Munchkin cups. The best part? That little circle at the bottom of the straw is a weight! It is the perfect way to transition your babe from a bottle or sippy cup to a straw. No matter what angle he is drinking the cups, they don’t spill or leak and he can always get water. We couldn’t be happier!

2. This summer we purchased some of these rubber shoes from Old Navy. They have been AMAZING! I love that they are cute enough he can wear them to school with a nice pair of shorts, or he can thrown them on with his swim suit to head to the pool. We took them with us on our trip to the beach this summer and they were the best. I feel like cloth water shoes get full of sand and dirt and are impossible to fully clean out, but these simply rinsed clean the first time. Some other similar options are these Crocs, or these amazing Native Shoes that I have my eye on when ours wear out.

3. When Maddax outgrew his baby bath we had the hardest time finding a new seat for him to use. It didn’t seem like there were any options for a baby that is a little rocky at holding himself up, but too big for a newborn bath seat. After trying an inflatable version that was hard to clean out, slippery and clumsy and a plastic laundry basket, that he did NOT want to sit in, we received this bath seat off Amazon as a christmas gift.

4. Maddax got these AMAZING Inchbug Orbit Labels from his Aunt Lacy last year for Christmas and we have loved them every day since! Gone are the days where I am peeling masking tape off of bottles and cups before washing them, or making sure all his cups are clearly labeled. Just stretch these bad boys around any bottle or cup and it’s good to go. They are dishwasher safe and never need to be removed for separate cleaning. Plus, they come in lots of different colors so if you have more than one kiddo you can easily distinguish whose is whose!

5. Okay, I know these sound crazy, and I was skeptical at first, but the Amber Teething Necklace has saved us so many tears, tantrums, and drool covered shirts over the last few months. Our lil guy was a water faucet before we purchased one of these necklaces off Etsy, but every time he wears it he rarely drools, doesn’t get a fever and his teeth seem to pop through! Before the necklace it felt like cutting a tooth would drag on for days and weeks, but last month he cut four molars with barely a groan or cry. AMAZING! Everyone should at least give it a try.

6. Of course we love pottery barn, how could you NOT?! But these Monogrammed Hooded Beach Towels are so nice! We use ours everywhere! The bath, the beach, the pool, they are great on every occasion, wash well and come in several cute designs.


What are you favorites for your little boy or girl? Share them with me by leaving a comment below!




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