Oct. 7, 2014


I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus this past month…I’ve been working on some personal projects that took up the rest of what little spare time I had. :) Mostly, the new website for our photography and videography business, NLR studios. Although I am a graphic designer during the day, programming my designs definitely comes a little slower to me, so I wanted to take on the challenge of not only creating the look and feel for our new logo and website, but to program it myself as well. It is such a great accomplishment for me and I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know about our little family business, my husband Nace and I joined forces after we married in 2011. I was a graphic designer, and he was a photographer by hobby, but once we got going our ideas quickly blossomed into what is now a thriving and busy business. We call our weekend weddings “date nights” and truly enjoy seeing couples commit to one another on a regular basis. It is a true passion of ours and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of documenting life for our clients.

Because our business grew so organically we did not ever spend much time preparing a logo or website for ourselves, so these past few months I set about to create something that showcased our work in a more professional way.

If you or anyone you know needs a photographer or videographer in the Tulsa area, we would be honored to help out! Check out the website below and have a great week!


Wedding and family Photography and videography website



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