Feb. 7, 2015

10 Valentine’s items you’ll gush over

Valentine’s day is approaching and although traditional chocolates and flowers are great, I like to spice it up and get a bit more creative with gift ideas. Here are my top ten ideas for 2015, some you’ve maybe seen before, but I bet some will surprise you. I can’t decide which of these goodies to gift in our family, but I can guarantee that any of them would be a hit in the Roberts household.

Ten Valentine's day items you'll gush over  |  Valentines Day gift guide 2015  |  intentionandgrace.com

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1. These coordinates bracelets are the COOLEST! You could get the coordinates of your first house, your wedding location, the birth of your children, your honeymoon spot, etc. They offer rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. This is the priciest item on the list, but so cool, minimalist and sentimental. I love these!

2. Guys, these adorable square things in that cute little box are MARSHMALLOWS! I mean, really? How cool is that? Link up your instagram or design your own, these are sure to brighten someone’s day and are so one of a kind!

3. May Designs has been a favorite of mine for some time, I carry one of their journals with me at all times. Recently they launched photo books and Valentine’s day would be the perfect opportunity to design your own. They have tons of styles and patterns to choose from and are seriously just the coolest to have in your house!

4. I mean, there isn’t a water bottle so simple and so sweet as this one. Great for a little girl, teenager or athletic mom, these keep you looking cute while hydrating.

5. I have been wanting one of these custom family portraits for some time. There is something so sweet about capturing your family in an illustration and the ones Sophia and Lili offer always have me going crazy.

6. Just charge it! Your iPhone I mean. How cute is the great little heart charger from Ban.do? Great for the girl who travels or is always running low on battery.

7. Oh Kate Spade, you did it again. This rose gold “Kiss and Tell” iPhone case is too cute. I’m always down for a little sparkle for my iPhone and love the message subtlety Kate surprises us with.

8. These watercolor gem paintings have had me captivated for a few months now. This cute little etsy shop offers them in all birthstones and even has a great little yearly calendar featuring 12 beautiful painted stones. So well done, so out of the ordinary and lovely.

9. This one falls more on the cheesy Valentine’s gift spectrum, but I think it’s still so cute and would be fun to fill out for your hubbie or loved one. Each page has a different little saying so you don’t have to worry about struggling with the right words to come up with, you can just fill it in and surprise your sweetie on Valentine’s day!

10. D.C. Cupcakes anyone? I’m guilty of watching too much TV from time to time, but baking shows are one of my guilty pleasures in life. I secretly want to drop everything and bake cakes for a living. I just think it would be so magical and fun! You can order a box of these beauties straight from the TLC stars shop for your loved one. Yum!



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