Dec. 17, 2015

Half Bath Progress

bathroom vanity remodel
This next DIY is still sort of a work in progress for me. I would really like to add a bit more color, maybe an accent wall or some wallpaper and new lighting, but I wanted to share the progress thus far with you guys. Half bath before image

The original mirror and pedestal sink were standard with our home, but after moving in we quickly realized this left us with no storage space, and it wasn’t exactly the style we had hoped to achieve before building. So we got a pretty new gray sink (cause we love ALL THE GRAY things) from IKEA and I scored this lovely mirror (obsessed) from Hob Lob for 50% off!

DIY Bathroom vanity

I styled the space by adding some pops of color with a geometric rug and polka dot hand towel and made some custom marble artwork using this DIY paper marbling technique. Maddax loved helping me with this, and we ended up adding a few pieces like this around our home.

Bathroom vanity update Coral Picture IMG_8754

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