Apr. 15, 2016

Dax’s Donut Shoppe

Is this real life? Is my kiddo three years old? Is he running like a mad man, talking in full sentences, and acting like a grown up on occasion? Yeah, I think so. Let me go cry my eyes out for a minute. I’ll be right back…

If you don’t know Maddax personally, I’ll let you in on a little secret: he LOVES donuts. I mean, who doesn’t? But this kid will ask me every morning, without fail, if he can have one. Mind you, we have only stopped for donuts ONE time before. This is not a recurring occasion for our family, and he has really only had them a hand full of times in his life. But I guess the sugary crack of that sweet glazed dough ring has hooked him, as it has hooked the world for generations.

Thus, Dax’s Donut Shoppe was born.

donut-door-sign Bunting_Banner_fireplace donut banner Living Room coloring_page IMG_2963-10 Donut_coloring_page IMG_2947-6 Silhouette_decal donut_shirt IMG_2945-4 IMG_2943-2 donut mind if i do IMG_2799-8

Stop scrolling if you want to hear how I made the cake…

Deriving inspiration from this super pretty sprinkle cake I set out to find some blue and green sprinkles, which was actually harder than I thought. Enter etsy. Simply Baking Supplies can pretty much make any combination of colors you could ever want, and they are affordable and super great!

This cake cost us less than $10. Local bakeries (the grocery store kind) are seriously so great. I ordered a white whipped frosted cake ($5) and had them sprinkle the goods around the borders prior to pickup. Easy peasy.

donut_drink_station water-display IMG_2957-8 IMG_2953-7 IMG_2808-15 IMG_2804-12 Donut sprinkles Decorating_Donut_cookies Donut_party IMG_2978-15 cookie_decorating Donut_cookies Donut_box donut-take-away bounce_house IMG_2970-13 Spiderman_candles Spider_Man_Birthday_Cake Spiderman_cake IMG_2891-3 IMG_2911-5 IMG_2928-8


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