Nov. 15, 2013

Free Thankful Printable

Happy Friday! This week it was really starting to feel more like winter was nearing.  The temperature here has dropped significantly along with a whole lot of leaves. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and I’m not ready for it to be over so soon. With a couple weeks until Thanksgiving I’m hoping to relish in this season as long as possible and luckily it warmed up to the mid 60s today so I can enjoy the sunshine for a bit longer. So, whether you’re feeling the same or not here is a Free Printable Download from my shop for you to enjoy. You can frame one as a gift for someone special, hang it on a gallery wall in your home or layer it up on your mantle. Mine is taped up in my desk area and I love the reminder of it every morning when I walk in. Today (and everyday) I should be thankful (winter or not)!

Have a great weekend!



Oct. 29, 2013

Halloween Week

Happy Halloween week friends! I don’t know about you, but its been crazy busy in the Roberts household these past few months…so if you are needing some last minute Halloween decor for your home here are some free printable from my shop. One for now, two for later! Happy holiday season. :)





Download all three. Trim, print, frame and enjoy!

8×10  |  11×14  |  16×20


Oct. 9, 2013

About Being Intentional

This season in my life I have been hearing and reading about being intentional more and more often, and it’s seeming to stick. Of course I am not (and never will be) a perfect individual, but I can strive to be intentional with my time in a more active and productive way.

I spend hours a week watching television (its my guilty pleasure) even if it is while I am folding laundry, cooking dinner, eating lunch, or doing other mindless chores around the house, I have been feeling conflicted lately, knowing there is a more productive way to engage my mind. This is not to say that I won’t keep a list of favorites tucked away each week, but I hope to be more intentional about which shows I choose, and how often I choose them.

This blog is an out pouring of two things: The fact that I have always wanted to start a blog and tossed around the idea here and there for the past few years. And a place to keep me accountable for my activities, spending, lifestyle, and more. A place to keep my intentions goal minded.

Now, all that said, what I find intentional, you may not. I don’t ever want this to be a place for comparison, judgement, or another way to make us feel inadequate. Social media and society in general do that well enough already. I want Intention & Grace to be a place for people to come to be lifted up or inspired. A place to have some fun, learn some new things and do life a little more closely with me.

So, I hope you will join me in being intentional in your own lives, relationships and with your time. It is a challenge I am taking on head first and would encourage you all to keep me accountable for.

Here are some of the fun things I will be sharing in upcoming posts. Enjoy!