Oct. 7, 2014


I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus this past month…I’ve been working on some personal projects that took up the rest of what little spare time I had. :) Mostly, the new website for our photography and videography business, NLR studios. Although I am a graphic designer during the day, programming my designs definitely comes a little slower to me, so I wanted to take on the challenge of not only creating the look and feel for our new logo and website, but to program it myself as well. It is such a great accomplishment for me and I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know about our little family business, my husband Nace and I joined forces after we married in 2011. I was a graphic designer, and he was a photographer by hobby, but once we got going our ideas quickly blossomed into what is now a thriving and busy business. We call our weekend weddings “date nights” and truly enjoy seeing couples commit to one another on a regular basis. It is a true passion of ours and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of documenting life for our clients.

Because our business grew so organically we did not ever spend much time preparing a logo or website for ourselves, so these past few months I set about to create something that showcased our work in a more professional way.

If you or anyone you know needs a photographer or videographer in the Tulsa area, we would be honored to help out! Check out the website below and have a great week!


Wedding and family Photography and videography website


Jun. 12, 2014

Free fonts for Summer

Typography is one of my favorite aspects of design. It is amazing how much a simple font change can alter something so much and really give it the personality and style it deserves. So today, I am sharing my favorite 15 fonts. You may see them on the site, in my shop, or around town from time to time, but I hope you can utilize them for your projects as well! Enjoy!



Amatic  |  Arizona  |  MoonShiner  |  Learning Curve  |  Bebas Neue  |  Abraham Lincoln  |  Print Dashed  |  Wisdom Script  |  Otama  |  Blanch  |  Dalle  |  Arvil Sans  |  Ostrich Sans  |  Lobster  |  Sail


Apr. 4, 2014

Wild One

Update: To purchase aspects of this theme, please visit my Etsy Shop!

Our son turned one last Saturday and I wanted to share some photos from his Powwow themed first birthday party. I can not believe how fast one year can go! I know it is said all the time, but until you have a child of your own it is impossible to fully understand. I used to think first birthday parties were generally overdone considering the kids won’t remember them. But as the time neared to begin planning, I had so much love for this little guy that my craftiness and party-planning spirit was just bursting at the seams. So did I over do it? Maybe. But for me, it was so worth it.

To start our decor off we flipped our dining table around and pushed it against a wall to display the food in a festive and open way. This gave our guests a bit more room to grab a bite and chit chat when they arrived.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

“Sun-rays” (orange juice) and water from the “Watering Hole” were served with some hors d’oeuvres style breakfast items.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

Maddax loves breakfast food so I knew I wanted to have a brunch style spread while also keeping it simple and easy, so we themed the spread around that using bite sized minis that the kids could also enjoy nibbling on. There were Mocca-Cinnamon Rolls, Yogurt Straight Shooters, Powwow Pancakes, and Powdered Arrows served along side some yummy cupcakes, juice and water. There was very little prep time for me so I could focus on making the presentation a bit more fun and I love how it all turned out!

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

We pulled out our beautiful striped teepee from this kiddos bedroom and utilized it as the designated gift area until it was time to open presents. First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

I got the most amazing leggings on Etsy and some Moccs on GroopDealz last fall that fit his birthday theme perfectly. For his shirt I used my Silhouette Cameo cutter (love!) to create a custom design and ironed it onto a white pocked t-shirt from Target. His little silhouette just fills me with joy.

We also framed a little infographic full of all things Maddax. His age, height, weight, and number of teeth. Favorite books, TV show, activity, song, food and toy. As well as his current nicknames, first words and some of the things he learned to do this year.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

On the way out there were little goodie bags with “Indian Corn” (flavored popcorn) for guests to grab as they left. These were simple white paper lunch bags that I ran through the printer and printed buffalos on and sealed with some cute little stickers I got on sale for $5 online.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com

Our sweet little family was just overjoyed to celebrate the big O-N-E with so many of our loved ones. Thanks to all our friends and family for their love and support as we took on our first year of parenthood. We couldn’t feel more blessed or loved.

First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com   First Powwow Teepee Birthday Party Theme | Intentionandgrace.com


Feb. 21, 2014

Hello Spring

The weather has finally warmed up and it has been absolutely wonderful here in Oklahoma, and to celebrate here are a few freebies for your desktop or iPhone. Enjoy the weather and dress your tech up cute for spring!


DESKTOP:  Purple  / Coral  /  Teal

iPHONE 4:  Purple  /  Coral  /  Teal

iPHONE 5:  Purple  /  Coral  /  Teal




Dec. 2, 2013

Unwrap Some Digital Happiness

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over it’s time to deck out the house for the holidays. I may or may not have started early this year. I just couldn’t wait.

Here are a couple of goodies to wrap your desktops and iPhones as well. Enjoy!




Merry Desktop  /  Season Desktop

Merry iPhone 5  /  Season iPhone 5  /  Merry iPhone 4  /  Season iPhone4