Feb. 23, 2016

Coloring our half-bath

Trying something a bit different with this update, a video! Click below to see our continued progress on our half-bath.

Shortly after finishing my post about our half-bath progress I finally found this light fixture! Let’s just take a second to be grateful for Overstock, cause this deal seriously calls for at least one emoji. 🙌😍💡 But I’ll use three instead. This light was under budget, modern yet sparkly, and Nace approved. That’s pretty much the purchase trifecta in our house.

I really wanted something that would coordinate but not compete or clash with our geometric mirror. In order to do that, I went away from a geometric detailed vanity light and chose a shiny chrome to match the many angles of the mirror instead. I love how the two work together. 
mirror and fixture closeup
Overall, I love the way it turned out. We wanted to keep it super affordable, while giving it a bit of a wow factor compared to where it was before. The bright pop of color we chose is called “Blaze Orange” and is actually more on the coral side than the pictures seem to depict.

before and after bathroom
We hope you enjoyed our little video, more possibly to come soon!

XO – Court


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